Jon Hull is the president and one of the designers of Hydra Design Labs. Jon has had over 17 years experience as a professional automotive designer. While at Mitsubishi Motors Jon had the chance to work on exterior and interior designs for both production models and concept cars. He also used his experience as an expert CAD specialist to help take projects from ideation through design to final surface data. Aside from being an automotive designer Jon has a background in plastics engineering which gives him and the Hydra team added knowledge to help take projects through to manufacturing. Jon's design and CAD skills help to provide the Hydra Design team the creativity needed to solve the biggest design challenges while his project management skills give him the experience needed to lead the hydra design team.


Mike Desmond is one of the designers of the Hydra Design Labs. He has been a professional automotive designer for 19 years. During that time he has worked at Mitsubishi Motors, Boyd Coddingtons, and more recently as the Design Director at West Coast Choppers. His love of classic American car design led him to Mitsubishi who was looking for a designer to bring an American sensibility to their designs. After leading Jesse James' design team at West Coast Choppers Mike ventured off on his own. Never one to rest on his laurels Mike taught himself to become a tattoo artist whose work is now highly sought after. Mike is also an exhibiting artist with gallery shows displaying his latest oil paintings. Mike's design talent in undeniable and his ability to push the envelope and walk the line of alternative counter culture brings an added edge to the Hydra Design Team.


Gary Ragle is one of the designers of Hydra Design Labs. Gary has over 12 years experience as a professional car designer. He has worked for Mitsubishi and Ford taking him from California to Japan to Detroit. His love for Hot Rods has long been a driving force behind his career path and ultimately has led him to become of one of the most sought after Hot Rod designers. His love for classic cars has been influential throughout his career even as his jobs took him down a more modern path. The distilled beauty and raw power from classic American hot rods can be seen filtering through many showcars and production cars he has worked on. Garys' ability to distill design to its essence while always bringing something new and fresh to the table is an amazing talent that greatly strengthens the Hydra Design team.


Chris Schuttera is one of the designers of Hydra Design Labs. Chris has been a professional automotive designer for 16 years. Over that time he has worked at Chrysler, Mitsubishi, and Ken Okuyama Design as a car designer and at C+D Zodiac designing airplane interiors. Chris excels at both exterior and interior design, but its interior design where his skills are unparalleled. Chris' knowledge of interior design and his ability to rapidly develop themes for even the most complex design challenge is truly remarkable. His love of car culture is a major influence in his life and can be seen throughout his work as well as his personal life. Chris' creativity, skills, dedication, and enthusiasm for cars has turned him into one of the most well respected designers in the industry. The experience and talent that Chris brings to the Hydra Design team is indispensable.

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