The Northrop Grumman GMV project was our first military vehicle. While a military vehicle inherently has different needs than an automotive project there were a lot of similarities to the process.


Hydra worked together with Northrop Grumman, BAE, and Pratt & Miller on this project. We had clinics with Military specialists to get feedback on the daily uses of this type of vehicle. We were able to come up with creative approaches and solutions to their concerns, coming from a automotive design background we were able to offer a unique perspective into their process.

After design refinement we finalized 10 unique directions to take the vehicle. Working closely with the engineering team a final direction was chosen and we worked to create final surface data of the exterior design. The cad data was then use to fabricate the final prototype.


Hydra created a series of CG renderings showing the vehicle with passengers in action. The benefit to having the final data is the ability to conceptualize photo-realistic representations of the final vehicle without the costs of building the vehicle.


ideation design refinement rendering cg rendering

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