Hydra Design Labs takes its name from lernaean hydra the mythical creature, and like its namesake is also a multi-headed beast. Hydra is comprised of four designers each of whom has been working as a professional automotive designer for at least the last decade. Each designer was hand picked to form a new kind of design studio, an all star team of the hottest automotive design talent. Each designer has worked on both Production programs and Concept cars, designing both exteriors and interiors. Individually each designer can stand alone, running an entire project from ideation to manufacturing. But bring the designers together and the full force of the studio can be felt by having all the designers collaborate on one project.

Hydra Design Labs focuses on fulfilling whatever your design needs are. Our design methodology encompasses the entire design process, taking your idea from ideation to fabrication.


Hydra Design Labs takes its inspiration seriously. We focus on maintaining our edge, our youth, our originality. This belief is part of our philosophy. In order to maintain original solutions to your design challenges we must maintain the edge of the youth without the naïveté that usually accompanies it. Our designers find inspiration in many outside activities, including tattooing, painting, vinyl toys, riding motocross, racing cars, downhill biking, and two of our designers are musicians playing electronica and alternative rock. Each designer also brings a unique point of view coming from diverse educational backgrounds; Art Center, Pratt Institute, and the University of Cincinnati.


Hydra Design Labs does a lot of research into trend forecasting and technology forecasting. We are constantly researching trends in the automotive industry, consumer products, and technological advances to help influence the direction we take our designs. We can provide clients presentations on this forecasting as it relates to their work.

Hydra also maintains an extensive library of advanced material research. This information is used to stay on the leading edge of technological advances to help push our clients projects forward.
Hydra can also provide material forecasting reports describing the newest research. We can brainstorm original ideas for potential uses on new materials or suggest new materials that could fit into your current production workflow.


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