Automotive OEM Project Experience

Most of the work that Hydra Design Labs does for Automotive Studios is confidential and can't be shown in our portfolio. The following is a list of Automotive projects that our designers have worked on .


-Nissan (Exterior/Interior)

-Infiniti (Exterior)


-Ford Production Program (Exterior)


-Mitsubishi MMR25 Concept Car (Exterior)

-Mitsubishi Concept RA (Exterior/Interior)

-Mitsubishi Sports Truck Concept (Exterior/Interior)
-Mitsubishi PX-Miev Concept Car (Interior)
-Mitsubishi IMiev Sport Air Concept Car (Interior)

-Mitsubishi Double Shotz Concept Car (Exterior)
-Mitusbishi '09 Eclipse Production (Exterior)


-Mitsubishi '06 Raider (Interior)

-Mitsubishi '06 Eclipse Production (Exterior)

-Mitubishi '04 Galant Production (Exterior/Interior)

-Mitsubishi '04 Endeavor Production (Interior)

-Mitsubishi SUP Concept Car (Interior)

-Mitusbishi RPM Concept Car (Exterior)

-Mitusbishi SSS Concept Car (Exterior/Interior)

-Mitsubishi SSU Concept Car (Exterior/Interior)

-Mitsubishi Street Raider (Exterior)

-Mitusbishi Eclipse RalliArt (Exterior/Interior)

-Mitusbishi assorted B, D, K segment vehicles (Exterior/Interior)


-Chrysler Jeep Grand Cherokee '05 (Exterior)

-Chrysler Jeep Commander '06 (Exterior)

-Chrysler Dodge Razor Concept Car (Interior)

-Chrysler Dodge Viper (Interior)

-Chrsyler Plymoth Howler Concept (Exterior)


Featured Projects