As a brand with a rich legacy in professional racing, it was no surprise that Saleen Automotive chose to debut its new S1 on the racetrack before introducing the innovative midengined sports car on the street. To introduce the S1 to the public and tap into the company’s motorsports heritage, Saleen contracted Hydra Design Labs to reimagine the S1 as a track car for its Saleen Cup racing series – complete with a range of iconic, Saleen and contemporary liveries.

Racing series

The result was the Saleen Cup Racing Series – a true “arrive and drive” series that offered prospective racing drivers the opportunity to compete in the new Saleen 1 on some of the most iconic racetracks in North America.

The Saleen Cup provided drivers with a professional quality racing experience, including 20 fully prepared S1 “Cup Cars,” which were maintained by Saleen and transported to each event.

“From its inception, the S1 was a supercar designed around Saleen’s racing DNA, so it was thrilling to help introduce this groundbreaking car on the racetrack. The sleek lines and aerodynamic bodywork of the S1 offered the perfect canvas for a range of racing liveries that represented Saleen’s racing heritage – offering something both new and iconic at the same time.” Gary Ragle, Principal Designer at Hydra Design Labs

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