Hydra Design Labs served as a design consultant and specialist for the development of Saleen Automotive’s innovative SUV concept – including exterior and interior design and Class-A surfacing, plus assistance in homologation, with Steve Saleen leading the overall design direction. The result is an innovative SUV that brings together the racing heritage, supercar styling and aerodynamics that Saleen is known for, with a high-performance approach to EV technology.

Signature vehicle

The Saleen name has been synonymous with high performance, sleek styling and advanced technology for nearly 40 years. As Saleen Automotive branched out from its Signature vehicles, like the Saleen Mustang and Sportruck, with the introduction of the Saleen S7 supercar in 2000, the groundbreaking supercar ushered in a new era of Saleen Original vehicles designed and produced entirely by Saleen. In recent years, this line has expanded with the Saleen S1 sports car, a project in which Hydra Design Labs served as design consultant and specialist.

To demonstrate the company’s unique approach to design and engineering across an entirely new vehicle category, Saleen Automotive initiated the Saleen SUV concept project. Working closely with Hydra Design Labs as a design consultant and specialist responsible for assisting with design for the SUV’s exterior and interior design and Class-A surfacing, Saleen explored how its racing heritage could be extended to a previously untapped segment of the automotive market – high-performance SUVs.

“The Saleen SUV concept presented a unique design opportunity to tap into Saleen’s supercar and racing heritage, while also exploring design possibilities within the SUV category and EV technology. The result is unmistakably Saleen – a highly stylized four-door family vehicle with an aggressive sports car stance that asserts performance on every level.” Chris Schuttera, Principal Designer at Hydra Design Labs

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Provided services

  • Design
  • CAD
  • CMF
  • Class-A Surfacing
  • Homologation

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