Algorithmic Design Methodologies

Hydra is all about pushing the boundaries of vehicle design. Part of that commitment is leveraging new technologies that allow us to explore creative design solutions and speed up the process of new model development. Our designers have decades of industry experience and remain at the creative edge of vehicle design, but we also welcome the efficiency and experimentation that new technology can offer. Our newest department that specializes in the latest design technology is called Algorithmic Design Methodologies (ADM). Encompassing Artificial Intelligence-based solutions as well as Generative design solutions, these cutting-edge technologies allow our designers to rapidly explore dozens of design variations in a comparatively short span of time.

On top of streamlining the development process, our algorithmic design team can explore unconventional concepts that might otherwise be ruled out by traditional design principles. While there’s no replacement for the creativity of an experienced OEM automotive designer, our Algorithmic Design Methodologies can expedite the initial concepting phase of new model development and identify potential solutions that a designer can further refine for the final vehicle concept.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Hydra utilizes the latest cutting-edge AI software to explore new design processes and opportunities that previously didn’t exist. Utilizing technology that seemed like science fiction until recently, AI programs can now develop designs based on words and phrases utilizing a vast learned library of images across the internet, outputting unique ideas in a fraction of time. While this technology can’t yet replace the skills of an experienced automotive designer, it has become a valuable tool in our arsenal for design exploration.

Parametric Design Generation 2D & 3D

Our ADM team explores not only AI-based design tools, but also handles our parametric design generation in both 2D and 3D. Groundbreaking automotive design pays close attention to even the smallest details of the interior and exterior, such as pattern sequences, shapes and other styling cues throughout the interior and exterior of the vehicle. Our team utilizes cutting-edge parametric design software to develop, repeat, and transform patterns over a surface, such as textures, grill mesh, fabric patterns and UI/UX – all of which form distinct styling cues in the vehicle’s overall design.

Neural Networks for Aerodynamics

AI technology is offering up exciting possibilities in automotive design that will continue to evolve the industry as this technology makes our process increasingly data-driven. Hydra is hard at work building a vast library of data for our CFD Neural Network, which will eventually transform our CFD aerodynamic testing. Once enough data has been gathered and input to our network so that it has been fully taught, this technology will be able to calculate CFD changes in real-time within a CAD program.

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