At Hydra, automotive design is a complete process that includes many different phases of development. While that process often begins with a simple sketch to outline a new vehicle shape, it quickly extends to the digital realm in the form of CAD (Computer Aided Design). Using cutting-edge programs, Hydra’s designers are able to transform a basic sketch into 3D data that can be manipulated and adjusted to refine the design and simulate testing before proceeding to modeling and fabrication stages. Combining decades of automotive CAD experience and the latest in technology allows Hydra to streamline the new model development process.

Design surfacing

Hydra specializes in Automotive Design Surfacing. Often referred to as Computer Aided Styling (CAS), our team is unparalleled when it comes to OEM Automotive surfacing with a vast amount of experience across 30 years of OEM programs. The Hydra team are all experts in their fields, but our specialty is translating design intent into 3D. Part of our team includes several hybrid designers specializing in CAD that help bridge a seamless gap between sketching in 2D and translating those ideas into 3D.

Class-A Surfacing

Hydra has worked on Class-A surfacing programs for some of the world’s leading OEMs. One area that sets Hydra apart is the seamless connection between our Design and Class-A teams. Having Design, Design Surfacing, and Class-A Surfacing all under one roof dramatically improves the efficiency and quality of design translation while reducing transactional time – accelerating project timelines.

VR reviews and Equipment Rental

Virtual Reality has quickly become an important part of design reviews. The ability to be able to see a full size car sitting in front of you during the CAD process is invaluable. It speeds up the timeline and helps refine the CAD before building a model.

Hydra presents VR reviews during our projects, but we also rent out VR systems to clients that need to present VR reviews in house or at venues. The client can present their own reviews after training or our team can present the review for clients at events.

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