Color & Trim

Hydra is a recognized leader in automotive color & trim design for production programs, including craftsmanship work. Also known as CMF design (Color, Materials, Finish), color & trim focuses on the look and feel of all consumer-facing vehicle surfaces. Far more than just providing an aesthetically pleasing range of colors and materials, CMF design represents the minute details of a vehicle design that combine to make a big visual impact. When it comes to color & trim – no detail is too small. We have a dedicated team of experts and equipment to provide a consistent, high-quality look and feel to any new vehicle development. Our history of expertise in the field of CMF design is not exclusively limited to automotive, and we have a wide knowledge of both traditional – and future – trim materials and production embellishment techniques.

CMF design resources must understand emerging consumer trends, so our process includes studies of current trends and forecasting of future trends in the automotive industry, including colors, textures and materials. We’re able to lead innovative materials design projects, interpret future trends and plan the strategy of a CMF design. Within any vehicle development project, it’s crucial that CMF design and suppliers are integrated into the design process from the very beginning – factoring in supply chain development and lead times to ensure that no compromises are made to the design as the vehicle moves through production phases. Color & trim design cannot be an afterthought in the vehicle development process, so we make sure CMF is an integral part of the interior and exterior design from the earliest stages of a project.

Hydra offers all aspects of automotive CMF design, from research of current and future consumer trends to Concept Programs and Full Production Programs:

• Trend Studies: Forecasting, consumer trends, auto industry trends, sustainability, color trends, social trends, economic trends, advanced CMF development, supplier integration, trade shows, interpretation, style and inspiration collection

• CMF Strategy: material harmony, trim level walkup, visual overview, scent, material combination Color Design: Paint, powdercoat, plating (including tints, clear coatings, metallics, pearls, color shifts and more)

• Materials Design: Textiles, metals, plastics, patterning, stitching, woods, perforation, quilting, vinyls, leathers, sustainable materials, recyclables, carbon fibers, stone, foams, carpet and webbing.

• Finish Design: Textures, grain, reflection, veiling glare, marquetry, milling, polishing, soft touch, printing and 3D printing

• Digital Visualization: photo-realistic renderings, theme boards, mood boards, presentations,

• VR Physical Realization: material samples library, color master verification, color master library, supplier samples

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