Hydra is a one-stop shop for vehicle development – we can take a vehicle from the earliest concept phase through final production, and every step in-between. We offer CAE, including CFD and Crash Testing, as well as Studio Engineering in-house, and we also provide full production engineering support through our network of engineering partners.

Whether it’s Computer-Assisted Engineering (CAE) or experienced mechanical engineers, the team at Hydra can provide complete production engineering to fully integrate form and function and produce a better vehicle.

Complete automotive development with production engineering seamlessly integrated with design.

Hydra Design Labs offers a completely unique approach to automotive development. Unlike other shops, our capabilities extend far past design, through to fabrication, prototyping and even engineering. With production engineers fully integrated into our team, Hydra is able to offer full production engineering services that are integrated with design from the earliest stages. This seamless process helps take your project through production in the most efficient way possible.

Our entire management team consists of automotive designers with decades of experience at major OEMs. This means that one team of experienced designers follows the entire development process, managing both the design and engineering throughout the project. This unique approach ensures that we keep a close eye on every detail so that nothing is lost in translation, and the passion of the original concept is carried all the way into the production vehicle.


Using advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) tools, we are able to simulate wind tunnel testing digitally – to help refine and improve the design before physical modeling or fabrication stages. This process optimizes aerodynamics, saving valuable project time and budget, and allows for real-time design exploration.

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