Turnkey Vehicles

With Hydra Design Labs, all you need to develop a vehicle is your idea and vision – we’ll take care of the rest. Hydra provides a one-stop solution to help new startups along the entire production process. From the earliest concepting and ideation phases to the final production vehicle and every step in-between, Hydra’s in-house team can handle every aspect of your vehicle development – all with a unique design-first approach. We offer complete design services including styling, CAD, modeling, CMF, production Class-A surfacing, and CFD. We also offer one of the missing links for many startups with Marketing, Distribution, and Sales consultations. Through our closely knit team of partners, Hydra also provides full engineering support, including structural design, electrical design, chassis design, powertrain and tooling. Our design-first approach really comes into play when Hydra manages the engineering team throughout the program, ensuring that the original design intent is carried through every step of the process.

Hydra Design Labs is uniquely positioned to offer the most streamlined and efficient vehicle development process in the industry. With over 30 years of experience working on OEM production programs, our team blends styling and engineering in a single collaborative process that reduces transactional time and accelerates the overall project timeline. We eliminate the roadblocks and inefficiencies of traditional OEM vehicle development by overseeing the entire process from ideation to fabrication. We don’t just design vehicles – we create holistic transportation solutions that change the future. Contact us to learn about how we can bring your vision to life.

Turnkey Services

• Design


• Modeling


• Class-A surfacing


• Showcar Prototyping

• Production Engineering

• Marketing/Distribution/Sales Consultation

• Manufacturing Facility Design and Construction

• Brand Development

• Cinematic Movie Presentations

• Whitespace Analysis with IP Patent Research

“Successful OEM startups look to a design firm as a strategic partner. Hydra Design Labs can help with key insights and questions in the earliest strategic phase, leverage the practice of Design Thinking and help your company mine critical insights that pave the way for game-changing innovations.” Dan Sims, Chief Creative Officer at Hydra Design Labs

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